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Excellent sock quality, I’ve got 5 pairs and I want them all! I use them almost daily and by following the washing instructions, they maintain as new! Very, very, very recommended!


Bonpair has become part of my daily routine and they are perfect for every occasion. I feel it as “millennial empowerment” to know that my socks reflect a professional and fun sense. I never leave my house without them!


If you are going to give socks as a gift, at least give some as cool as Bonpair’s.

Karla, BuzzFeed México

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We create socks that can follow you throughout your life. Comfortable in your house, while on a meeting at work, exercising on a bike or on a tennis court, dinner with a special date, while wearing a tux, or even an outdoors adventure.


Top Quality

With special care into design details and a careful selection of fibers and textiles, our socks are of unmatched quality, making


Unique Design

Each pair is designed in inspiration to freedom and the spirit of adventure of those who wear them. Each design is based in a specific location of the world, reflecting something of its particular essence.

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