About Us


Bonpair is an international company, created for those who believe in color. For the change makers & for those who take a stand. We are compromised with high quality & comfortable wear, choosing only the most exclusive threads to create each of our pieces. 

Why was Bonpair born?
We felt the need to mix color & comfort, into our everyday outfits.

How long have we been on track?
Since 2015!

What are some of our most exciting goals?
We have sold over 50k pairs of socks, worked with some of the most exclusive companies in Mexico & we were in SHARK TANK mx!

Where are we going next?
Our ultimate goal is to become an essential part of your everyday life style, to be a faithful partner and always deliver the best designs and quality.

Once you try a pair of Bonpair socks, you’ll wish all your socks become “Bonpair”.